Transport of pianos

Our specialty since 1934

The transport of pianos is a real specialty in the field of moving. Specialty that we have mastered since 1934. Indeed, the transport of pianos requires a specific technique and material and every piano move, because of the diversity of accesses and pianos (upright pianos, grand pianos) is different.

Monte-meubles extérieur pour votre déménagement

The price of a piano transport varies according to the place of loading, the place of delivery and the number of floors to be carried out on foot. If the piano does not fit in the elevator or through the stairs, we intervene with our furniture lift.

Transport de piano à Genève par des spécialistes suisses du déménagement

Every transport we carry out is covered by our insurance.
A piano to move? Call us and our advisors will be able to quickly provide you with a quote.

With our new lift, our teams can transport all types of items, different kind of pianos up to 600kg without any problem.

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