Our advice to prepare your move

You wonder who can help you for your move ?

My family ? My friends ? Or should I contact a company ?

Be aware that specialized companies will save your time and provide coverage damage insurance.
Company will provide adapted vehicles to your needs.
Professionals offer packaging services, furniture reassembly and provide cleaning & handy man services as well.

Whatever your choice, please see below our advices to prepare your move:

Choose an adapted vehicle
Buy or rent very solid boxes
Prefer boxes rather than bags. Indeed, it twill be much easier and faster to load your boxes in vehicle and in your new home, than carry several small bags
Rent a storage if needed
Wrap fragile items with tissue paper or ballekraft
Close your boxes with suitable tape, to make sure they will not be deformed during the move
Note on your boxes which part they will be intended for, or use color coding to simplify unpacking later
When disassembling your furniture : group together all the screws in a bag and number them to avoid confusion during reassembly

Have a good time, everything will be fine and congratulations for your new adventure !

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