Why do we really need to work with profesional movers ?

Can we improvise ourselves as mover ?

We do believe that the movers only load boxes and furniture into the vehicle, at the point of departure and will unload them at the arrival point.

Yes, but not only !

Profesional  movers offer different solutions, such as:

  • Different Packaging services which can be judicious for some fragile items, for which you may have an significant sentimental value and it’s important to take care of them
  • They can disassemble your furniture and reassemble them
  • They can carry heavy loads with their specific equipment
  • They are equipped with strong boxes suitable for your different types of goods such as paintings, glasses, or wardrobe : convenient! your clothes remain on the hangers
  • Their stowage techniques avoid breakage during transport
  • Later, they can unpack and store your goods, usefull if you are too busy
  • If your room is narrow, professionals people have furniture lift to use outside
  • And last but not least, they have inssurance !

Our recommendation would be to ask for several quotes and study them in detail, in order to compare the different services included and not included!

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